Home Warranties Why You Need One During The Holidays

Dated: November 22 2021

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Home Warranties: Why You Need One During the Holidays

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The holidays are a special time to gather and enjoy our homes with our family and friends. As we make the house cozy and inviting with smells of fresh baked cookies, we don’t anticipate the garbage disposal breaking down, the toilet overflowing, the heat not turning on or the oven going on the fritz. With our holiday budget dedicated to gifts and hosting parties, a home warranty policy is essential to safeguard your finances.

A home warranty provides coverage for when appliances and home systems breakdown unexpectedly. This protection can also allow you to choose specific items to protect in your home like the washer/dryer or pool. So when is getting an Arizona home warranty something you should consider?

Needing a Home Warranty with Homeowner’s Insurance

When purchasing an older home with expired manufacturers’ warranties, it’s smart to purchase a home warranty policy. Having homeowner’s insurance is not enough. Getting a robust home warranty can protect old yet functional home appliances and systems, especially those that are nearing the end of their lives. Breakdowns are likely to happen in older homes and homeowner’s insurance will not cover such damages.

Needing a Home Warranty for an Older Home

If you buy an older home, expect to spend more on repair and maintenance procedures. An older home’s components are susceptible to failure due to poor maintenance or old age. You can never be sure how long the components will last. But before you purchase your home, hire a home inspector. This will help you determine the repairs the house needs. Having the seller do the necessary repairs before you buy a home can provide ease of mind or if they don’t do the repair, you may be able to negotiate a discount on the home’s price.

Some Common Home Warranty Myths

Most homebuyers think that they need to buy a home warranty policy to close on a home. They also believe that getting a home warranty is only possible if you buy a house. This is not true at all. It is only one of the many ways of buying a home warranty. The truth is that you can buy a home warranty policy at any time with any property.

Needing a Home Warranty for a New Home

Many new home buyers wonder if they need to get a home warranty. It depends on the home that you buy. A brand-new home with brand-new components may not need a home warranty just yet. You can wait until the manufacturers’ warranties of your major appliance, such as the washing machine and oven, expire. By then, you will need protection for your various home appliances and household systems. This is when you will need a home warranty policy.

A newly constructed home usually has a builder’s warranty. This warranty’s coverage extends to brand-new appliances and newly installed household systems. However, keep in mind that appliances and household systems can break down even if they’re new. You can use this warranty in case failure occurs within the warranty period. Getting a home warranty can continue your new home’s protection.

When Certain People Buy a Home Warranty

Below are individuals who can buy a home warranty and when they do so:

1.Title company

The company uses funds in the home’s sale contract to buy a home warranty policy.


The seller buys a home warranty plan for the home buyer. This extra layer of protection is usually a major selling point for a property. The home warranty can help boost the homebuyer’s confidence in the transaction.

3.Real estate agent

A real estate agent can buy a home warranty for new property buyers. The agent can also buy it for the seller to provide home protection while the property is on the market. This is also called listing coverage.

4.Current homeowner

The property’s current home warranty at any time on a home. It does not matter how old the property is. Homeowners often buy a home warranty to protect the property’s systems and appliances that may fail later on.


The new homeowner will buy a home warranty as additional home protection. The home buyer can get the home warranty through a transaction.

Purchasing a Home Warranty provides Additional Home Protection

To make sure that your home gets the protection it needs, whether it is new or old, consider purchasing a home warranty after other warranties have expired as the policy can provide maintenance, repairs, and replacements at a lower rate. You can buy a home warranty plan any time after the initial warranties expire, provided the systems and appliances are in working condition.

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