Recommendations And Repairs Before Selling Your Home

Dated: 06/05/2020

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There are many items to consider before putting your Scottsdale or Greater Phoenix home up for sale, but  we wanted to let you know that you should definitely consider these 

Top 5 Recommendations Before Selling Your Home. 

 If you have further questions about your specific home in the Scottsdale or Greater Phoenix areas please let us know... 

 We are always here to help and love to answer questions like these!

1. Declutter!

Decluttering should always be the first on the list. We all have too much stuff(I know I do)! Our closets are full, we have things under our beds and counters are cluttered. Its time to go through everything and donate anything you haven’t used in a year. Family heirlooms, pictures, keepsakes and memorabilia can be stored away for a while. Give things away to family and friends. Have a garage sale. You want your home to look as spacious as possible. The fewer things you have inside, the bigger your home will look and feel. 

2. Dust!

Dust everywhere dust collects even the very high places (shelves, mantels, etc.). Make sure you pay attention to the corners of rooms. Knock the spider webs down with a broom. Ceiling fans love to collect dust. Invest in an extra long ceiling fan duster. Make sure the fan blades are dust free. Blinds are another item that love to collect dust! Make sure you clean those as well

3. Make your home smell good!

Unpleasant smells are the first thing a potential buyer may notice while house hunting. Scents can be a deal breaker, even subconsciously! Deep cleaning your home can do wonders. Plug-in wax warmers, air freshener sprays or even candles can work wonders. 

Whatever you do, make sure your home smells good!

4. Clean glass windows and doors.

Windows and doors bring light in and can be a huge plus to a potential buyer. Make sure all your windows are clean (even the window sills, which can collect dirt and dust!). Before a showing, quickly clean the high traffic areas in your home like the back door. We always have fingerprints on our back patio door. Clean those off!

5. Light up your home.

 When you leave your home for showing, open the blinds and turn on all the lights. Open blinds will bring the natural light in, and having the blinds open will make your rooms and home appear larger. It really works!

If you would like any more tips on getting your home ready to put on the market feel free to reach out to Dwellings Realty :)

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Recommendations And Repairs Before Selling Your Home

There are many items to consider before putting your Scottsdale or Greater Phoenix home up for sale, but  we wanted to let you know that you should definitely consider these

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