20 Summer Activities When You Live In Arizona

Dated: August 15 2019

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Living in Arizona means you live in almost perfect weather year round except in the summer. 

Yes it can get pretty hot but don't let that get you down.

 Here is a list of 20 activities that you can still do during summer.

1. Host a cookout by the pool

2.Have a water gun or water balloon battle

3.Play water balloon baseball.

4. Cool off at a free spray park.

5. Go to a baseball game.

6. Watch a movie at the drive in.

7.  Make homemade ice cream.

8. Buy a popsicle mold and make homemade popsicle

9. Make milkshakes

10. Take a road trip to the beach

11. Go Water skiing

12.  Make Sangria

13. Go camping by the river

14.Visit a flea market…or three.

15. Hop in the car and randomly drive for only a specific number of hours. 

Stop when you reach your time spent and find something cool to do in a new town.

16. Go Fishing

17. Visit a karaoke bar and sing at the top of your lungs.

18. Host a board game night for your friends.

19.Deep clean your home

20.Go Salt River tubing.

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