How To Prepare Your Home For An Open House

Dated: February 23 2021

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How To Prepare Your Home For An Open House

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Trying to sell your house can be a bit challenging. Besides your regular life responsibilities, youmust accommodate buyers’ schedules while keeping your house clean all the time. On top of allthat, you may even need to hold an open house. However, don’t consider the open house achallenge but more an opportunity to show your home to the most potential buyers at once.

There will be a lot to do before your open house. Fortunately, most of this will be tasks youwould have planned to tackle anyway as part of selling your home. Start by making a list of allthe things you have to get done before your open house, and tackle the biggest tasks first. AtDwellings Realty Group we understand the overwhelm of an open house, and to help, we’veprepared the following guide.

Move it out

 Start by taking about half your stuff to a storage unit. Consider boxing up theseitems for a move, just a little early. Try to remove at least one piece of furniture from each room.Remember that visitors will look in every part of your home, so organize your closets so theydon’t look crammed full. The less stuff you have in your home, the bigger your home will lookand feel. While you’re at it, remove clutter and depersonalize. This means clearing all surfacesof any knickknacks or trinkets and removing all your personal things, like family photos orpolitical posters. Buyers want to feel like they could live in your home, and any reminder thatyou live there can put them off.

Clean it up

 Your house should sparkle inside and out. Pressure wash the outside if applicable,clean up debris in the yard, clean the gutters, trim the hedges, and mow the lawn. Inside, cleaneverything you can imagine. All the cleaning projects you’ve been putting off for years—do themnow. Make your floors sparkle and your carpet look brand-new. Wipe all the fingerprints off wallsand doors and wash the baseboards. Make sure you clear off the kitchen counters and makeyour bathroom shine.

Stage it

 Staging your home can take a little extra elbow grease, especially if you’re worriedabout under or over-staging. Remember that staging just means creating the illusion of morespace. If the thought of tackling this on your own feels insurmountable, you can also work withan interior designer who can put you on the right path. These design experts can offer plenty oftips and tricks so that your staging efforts feel, well, effortless!

Add some final touches

Be sure to remove any lingering odors. While you might enjoysmelling what you had for dinner last night, your potential buyers won’t. Rather than lightingpotentially off-putting candles, use a fresh-smelling surface cleaner and an unscented carpetdeodorizer before you vacuum. You can also ask a friend to do a sniff test for you to make surethere are no pet or kid smells that you’ve gotten used to.

These few extra steps will ensure you have a successful open house, with lots of generousoffers. By preparing your home, you’ll be showing it in its best light. Then you can enjoy thefruits of your labor and start shopping for your new dream home.

If you’re ready to sell your home, turn to one of the expert agents at Dwellings Realty Group.Reach out today to connect with us! 480-629-8136

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