5 Things People Look For When Moving To Another State

Dated: January 25 2024

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5 Things People Look for When Moving to Another State

Do's and Don'ts of Moving Across States- Katherine Maher

Moving to another state can be a very important decision. Whether you are moving for a new job opportunity, to be closer to a loved one, or just for a change of scenery, you want to make sure that you will be happy where you end up. 

To make it easier to decide on a move to another state, consider the most important things that people look for when moving to another state. With the help of the best long-distance moving companies, you can focus on these factors instead of the logistics of the move. 

Cost of Living

One of the most important things to look at is the cost of living. It is not necessarily bad to move to an area with a higher cost of living, as long as you can afford it. For example, this may not be a concern if you have a great job offer in another city but the bump in salary makes up for the increase in the cost of living. On the other hand, if you are moving to a lower cost of living area and will have a different job there, you need to account for the potentially lower salary as well. 

For people who own a house and want to buy one in their new city, the cost of living can become even more important. After all, it could become incredibly challenging to pay for a house in a high-cost-of-living city with the profits from selling your house in a low-cost-of-living area. 

The important thing here is that you don’t want to move to another state without any idea about the cost of living, and don’t just pay attention to the cost of living. Compare that to any changes you will see to your salary. 

Transportation and Traffic 

Transportation and traffic tend to vary more by city than by state, but they are still something people look for when moving to another state. If you don’t have a car, then you need to consider public transportation. Check what type of transportation is available, how often routes run, where you can and can’t get on public transportation, and how much it costs. 

If you do have a car, then the focus is more on traffic and parking. Some people don’t mind sitting in traffic for an hour on their commute every day, but most people will not appreciate this. 

Job Opportunities and Healthcare 

No matter the reason for a move, it is smart to look for job opportunities. Even if you are moving because of a job offer, this is not a bad idea. At the very least, other members of your family, such as your spouse, will need to see if they are likely to get a job there. 

Checking for opportunities also helps you confirm that this is a good long-term move. It essentially ensures that you are prepared if something goes wrong with the job you have lined up. 

Since most Americans get healthcare through their jobs, job opportunities are closely connected to healthcare. As you consider a new city, you need to confirm that healthcare is readily available and will be in-network with your new insurance. This also ties back into the cost of living, as prices for healthcare can vary across the country. 


The United States is large, which means that there are extreme variations in climate. There is not necessarily anything wrong with moving to an area with dramatically different weather, but you need to be prepared. 

For example, someone who grew up in Florida may not want to move to the Midwest or Northeast, with those areas’ harsh winters. The first winter could prove to be a tough adjustment period. The opposite is also true. 

When looking at climate, don’t just think about temperatures. Consider precipitation, wind, and storms as well. Some people, for example, may not want to live somewhere that is prone to tornadoes or flash floods. Others may not care as much and just will make sure they have the appropriate insurance. 

Culture and Customs 

People also commonly consider the culture and customers of the new state they want to live in. This can determine access to food, music, sports, art, and other things you enjoy. 

There are also some other aspects of culture and customs. For example, religious people will want to make sure there is somewhere local to attend services. Or people with a particular hobby will want to ensure they can find gear or places to enjoy it there. 

The Bottom Line

Looking into the state and city you plan to move to lets you plan ahead. It can help you confirm that your chosen area will be a good fit and that it will fit your budget. It can also let you plan well for the future, from job opportunities to knowing what you need to buy to adjust to the new climate.

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