Steps To Take This Holiday Season To Ensure Your House And Family Are Protected

Dated: October 13 2021

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Steps to Take This Holiday Season to Ensure Your House and Family are Protected

The holiday season is coming up, which means shopping for Christmas gifts, planning parties with friends, and going on vacation with family. Soon it will be time to hang the Christmas lights and fun decorations. But in the process of planning for the festivities, we often forget to prepare our homes for other practical matters. While it is a season for merriment, it is also the time to be extra cautious against fires, burglaries, and unpredictable weather.

In this article, we give you a rundown of steps you need to take to ensure your house and family are protected during this holiday season. Keep this easy checklist in mind, and you can focus on celebrating without worry.

Keep Your Home Safe While You’re Out on Your Holiday Trips

With many people out and about during the holidays, burglary rates are higher than usual. You need to keep your home protected during this time. Here are practical tips you can apply before you leave for a trip: 

  • Lock all doors and windows before leaving your house. As an added measure, you can make it appear like your house isn't empty by keeping certain lights on.

  • Invest in a security system to protect your home from burglaries. The best home security systems offer all the necessary equipment, like surveillance cameras, motion detectors, and sensors. Pro tip: Get one that allows you to control your home devices through your phone. That way, you can react quickly in case something happens.

  • Inform your neighbors when you are out of the house. It pays to have an extra set of eyes and ears guarding your home.

  • Redirect your mail to your neighbor’s house. You can never be too cautious about strangers lurking around unclaimed mail.

Prevent Fires Caused by Cooking, Candles, and Christmas Lights

Similar to burglaries, fires are more common during the holidays. This is mainly due to our seasonal obsession with candles, lights, cooking, and other activities prone to fire hazards. While they do keep our spirits light and our homes warm, they also pose safety risks. To avoid fires from happening, follow the tips below.

  • Pay attention when cooking. It is easy to get distracted when entertaining friends at home, but you must not leave the stove unattended. Apart from keeping your home fire-free, you will also avoid burning your holiday meals.

  • Light your candles on a sturdy table. Make sure your cookbooks and Christmas gifts are out of the way to avoid them catching fire.

  • Don’t forget to blow out your candles before going to bed, no matter how wine-drunk you are.

  • Consider using fake candles. While they may not give off your favorite pine scent, they will certainly keep your home safe.

  • Be particular about the Christmas lights you buy. This is when quality over quantity matters. 

  • Set up your Christmas tree away from heat sources like the fireplace, radiator, or heater.

  • Once your tree is up, be careful about the wiring around your house. Do not overload your electrical outlets and extension cords.

  • And most importantly, check your smoke detectors. It will save you from any close calls.

Prepare Your Home for Snowy Weather

A white Christmas is something many of us look forward to, as long as we’re prepared for the potential hazards that come with it. Here are some practical tips to take note of while preparing for a snow-filled holiday season.

  • Stock up snow essentials like shovels, sidewalk salt, and boots. You can never be too well-equipped in case of heavy snowfall or major snowstorms.

  • Regularly clear out your front walkway. This will prevent accidents for your family and your neighbors walking by.

  • Clean your chimney. You will be spending a lot of time huddled beside the fire during the cold holiday season. However, the more you burn wood, the more creosote is built up, which can cause a fire. To prevent this from happening, make sure to clean your chimney regularly. While you’re at it, clear your fireplace from other objects like cardboard, trash, and decorative items. 

  • Seal off any cracked windows and walls, broken pipes, and broken gutters. 

With these tips in mind, you’ll ensure a safe holiday season for you and your family.

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