6 Tips For A Family Buying A Home In Scottsdale

Dated: April 8 2016

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best neighborhoods in scottsdale az

So, you and your family are looking to make a move in Scottsdale Arizona and you are not quite sure where to start.  You probably have a lot of questions... Does Scottsdale have good schools for my kids?  Where are the safest Scottsdale neighborhoods to live?  I need to have a grocery store near by!  As a father of two myself I can understand the important factors that go into a home search and the home buying process with children and a family to look after.  Here are 6 things for you and your family to consider regarding location, schools, and safety when buying a home in Scottsdale.

1.  Location, Location, Location!

Homes for sale McDowell Mountain Ranch Scottsdale, AZ

Scottsdale has a variety of neighborhoods in this bustling city.  Urban hipster, vacation and retirement homes, and of course extreme luxury are all in the mix.  If you have a small family or are planning to have one, you may want to take a look at a few different neighborhoods in the central portion of Scottsdale.  Staying no further North than Grayhawk in 85255 (near Scottsdale Road and the 101) and no further South than somewhere around McDonald Drive.  This portion of Scottsdale provides better quality schools (especially further North) and better resale value than South Scottsdale.  Plus, this is where a majority of the "family suburban" type living is saturated, so you would be surrounded by welcoming neighbors and other kiddos!

2.  Drive The Neighborhoods First

grayhawk homes for sale scottsdale azWhen you first start out in any type of home search, you are best suited to find the right area for you by driving through different neighborhoods.  See what feels like home, everyone is different!  Some of the top family oriented communities that I would personally recommend would be Grayhawk, McDowell Mountain Ranch, Kierland and it's surrounding area in 85254, Scottsdale Ranch, and McCormick Ranch.  All of these have high ranking schools and safety ratings and are well respected communities known throughout Greater Phoenix.

3.  What Part of Scottsdale Has the Best Schools?

The highest ranking schools in Scottsdale are pretty well saturated in the zip codes 85255, 85254, 85260, 85259, and 85258.  Hands down, my personal favorite site to use is www.greatschools.org.  It is your best bet to find quality information and insight, rankings, and reviews of schools in any city or zip code.  Parents can comment, teachers have input, and I have even seen students provide insight in certain forums.  Do some research for your kids and make sure you are comfortable with the school systems they would be entering.  There is open enrollment here in Scottsdale, as well as the other cities throughout Phoenix, so you can technically send your kids anywhere with a little effort.  If you have questions about open enrollment and how it works feel free to reach out to me - erictont@dwellingsaz.com.

4.  Research Crime and Safety Ratings

This one is always important... but it is good to know that Scottsdale is consistently ranked by various sources nationwide as one of the safest cities to live in America.  You can see a full list of titles and recognition of this great city by going to www.scottsdaleaz.gov/about/rankings.  In June of 2014 it was named the #1 city in America to raise kids by MyLife.com!  You are in good hands here in Scottsdale, but you should Google crime and safety ratings for your desired location before moving forward with a purchase.  There are many websites to research crime ratings, but if you need a suggestion one I have used frequently is www.neighborhoodscout.com.

5.  Find Convenient Shopping and a Family Type Lifestyle

kierland real estate scottsdaleI am going to have to stick with my gut on this one and say that in my opinion the best locations are the same as mentioned in Tip #1.  This "central" portion of Scottsdale provides a lifestyle for the living and working family.  Plenty of grocery stores, gas stations, shopping, and convenience.  Kierland is a phenomenal place to go for a new dress or to just grab a bite to eat.  The Scottsdale Quarter is just across Scottsdale Road and provides even more options!  The Promenade on the corner of Frank Lloyd Wright Boulevard and Scottsdale Road has a ton of shopping needs, as well as the shopping center just off the 101 and Shea.  A short drive South takes you into Old Town Scottsdale which provides the infamous Fashion Square.  Fashion Square happens to also have plenty of trendy bars and restaurants nearby... just in case you need to top off your shopping spree with dinner and a cocktail!

6.  Find a Reputable Real Estate Agent

best realtors in scottsdale

Yep, here comes the pitch!  Just kidding, this is important.  If you are able to work with a Scottsdale Realtor who is well experienced in Scottsdale real estate, they will be your best resource.  Some of my most common questions I get asked from clients are about schools, safety, and location for their family.  The answer to many of these questions is truly up to you, because what feels like home is a very personal opinion.  However, I am always happy to give my personal recommendations as a long time resident of Scottsdale!  A good Realtor knows where the best schools are in his local market.  We also know what neighborhoods may be a good fit for a family with kids, versus ending up in a community with a bunch of retired folks glaring at your kids from their windows.  I live in Scottsdale and my office is located here.  I have kids and a family, as well as a very large extended family who all live in Scottsdale.  If you ever need advice PLEASE do not hesitate to contact.  I am always here to help my Scottsdale neighbors!

Still need answers to your questions about Scottsdale?  Email me at erictont@dwellingsaz.com and start your search for Scottsdale homes today by clicking one of the predefined searches below!

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