Scottsdale AZ Ranks 3rd Best City To Retire In 2016

Dated: October 22 2016

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Retire in Scottsdale AZ

The news is out and the list of best cities to retire in 2016 has been released, ranking Scottsdale, AZ as #3 in a nationwide comparison.  Researchers at WalletHub compared 150 of the largest cities in the nation across many different factors to determine which cities are best for retirement - and Scottsdale, AZ ranked 3rd overall! If you already have the pleasure of living in Scottsdale, it is likely that you can imagine countless great reasons for such a high ranking.  For more details on WalletHub's analysis, please refer to the article titled "2016's Best and Worst Cities to Retire" on their website. Here are several of many reasons for you to choose to buy a home in Scottsdale for retirement. 

1. Population Aged 65 & Older
Scottsdale Ranks 3rd Best Retirement City

According to the researchers at WalletHub, Scottsdale has the highest percentage of people aged 65 and older at 21.1%. This is one of many reasons that Scottsdale ranked 4th out of the 150 compared cities for the "Quality of Life" category. There are many facilities, activities and groups dedicated to serving people at this later stage of their lives. 

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2. Outdoor Activities All Year Long

Best places to retire 2016

Scottsdale is nothing more than a desert wasteland, right? Wrong! Although the city has several hot months, the rest of the year makes up for it. With high temperatures in the winter months rarely exceeding 75-80 degrees, there are plenty of outdoor activities to take part in! With more than 200 golf courses, it is a primary hobby for many Scottsdale residents. 

For those wishing to maintain an active lifestyle, Scottsdale has countless hiking and horseback riding trails to choose from. Some of the more popular trails include McDowell Sonoran Preserve, with over 60 trails to choose from, and Camelback Mountain's echo trail if you really want to work up a sweat. 

Since Scottsdale is a very dog friendly city in general, it is also home to a great selection of dog parks with the most popular being Chaparral Dog Park, near downtown.

3. Culture - Festivals and Events

retirement in arizona

Scottsdale has countless festivals all year long! I guarantee you'll find one that fits you! Some of the most popular events include Barrett Jackson Antique Auto Auction and Car Show, The Waste Management Open, The Fiesta Bowl and The Scottsdale Culinary Festival. In the fall and winter months, there are typically multiple festivals every single weekend to choose from regardless of where you are in the valley. 

4. Retirement Communities and Assisted Living

best city to retire

With an abundance of its population being over 65 years of age comes many accommodations for those in the later stages of their life. Scottsdale has more than 30 options for retirement communities, senior apartments and assisted living centers. Scottsdale is even home to several luxury retirement communities. 

5. Beauty

retirement homes in scottsdale az

Scottsdale is much more than the desert wasteland so many non-Arizonans label it as. Arizona is home to some of the most beautiful sunsets. Who else wouldn't mind spending their retirement years relaxing, watching this sunset?

Written by Kelsey Donovan of Dwellings Realty Group


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